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A typical 9-to-5 couldn't contain Thom. After studying Advertising and New Media at The University of Georgia's Journalism & Communications college, Thom spent the second decade of this new millennium thinking around the edges of the future for clients including Google, Cisco, Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Electronic Arts, MetLife, Adidas, and many more. Coming of age during the Great Recession blessed Thom with a perspective primed for the shifts we face now and in the near future.

Thom got many of the jobs he wanted. But realized it was impossible to find everything he wanted in a job; at first, as a young gun competing to get a shot, and later in full-time positions at hot NYC and L.A. branding agencies. He made it to the places he always thought he wanted to be. But then he dropped out. Letting go of toxicity and trappings imposed on his life. Instead of following the safe path he was taught to endure, Thom chose self-employment, freelancing, and business ownership as his growth strategy to expand and enrich his life. This decision exploded his professional career in exciting, more novel, and fulfilling ways. Thom launched passion projects, had time to find true love and friendship, and space for cultivating mindfulness and spirituality. All of this with the benefits of working from anywhere on Earth. What could be better?!

During Thom's time of transition, he took another passion: personal development, and turned it into a new profession. While training with Accomplishment Coaching on Wall Street in New York City, Thom's heart grew three sizes.


Now, as an advocate and guide to independent specialized workers and those who hire them, Thom helps everyone move into greater purpose and enjoy the realization of their impact potential. 

In 2015, Thom designed and delivered his first General Assembly in Washington D.C. entitled, "What's Next? Power and Freedom in Professional Choice." Thom shares more about his dynamic career and personal journey and connects with others along theirs via Unicorn Talent Club, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit he established in 2018 to empower creative professionals to realize their passions, produce their craft, and live a life they love! 

One thing Thom isn't shy to talk about is his learnings and exit from his first bootstrapped tech startup. In his mid-20s he created and co-founded a talent and job matching platform to help cultural creatives match with creative companies. Over three years of intensity and pie-faced trial and error, Thom birthed the business from idea to launch, working with a team of remote freelancers he hired and managed from around the globe.

Thom is also the Director of Pursue Blue, a boutique strategy and communications studio on a mission to scale the adoption of transformative technologies that advance the human paradigm and heal the planet.

Reach out! At and on social media @thompulliam

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